Black Tower Deliciously Light Range- a low syn wine option on Slimming World


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As the evenings draw out and the sunny days return, there’s nothing like a chilled glass of wine or prosecco, and my problem is that every single summery evening encourages that image, but drinking every night is definitely not Slimming World friendly, and regular wine contains a lot of calories, as much as I wish it didn’t!

For me the ritual of putting the kids to bed, and sitting down with a nice glass of wine has become associated with relaxation and an evening treat, but I know that I shouldn’t be drinking every night both for my health, my sleep, my weight and my anxiety- alcohol can effect all of these things.

Black Tower has recently released it’s Deliciously Light range- low alcohol wine and sparkling wine that still gives that feeling of treat, but with much fewer calories than a regular glass (just 29 calories per glass). The new range features a white,rosé, red and sparkling- all in the traditional style Black Tower wine bottles, but a very different formula! So if you are a non-drinker, a driver, pregnant or just trying to cut down on calories, these are a fantastic option for a summery drink.

Black Tower deliciously light low alcohol wine Slimming World

What do the Black Tower Deliciously Light wines taste like?

White wine:

Black Tower Deliciously Light white wine

The aromas in this are orange, passion fruit and peach. It’s a light an refreshing white wine, which is delicious chilled.

Rosé Wine:

Black Tower Deliciously Light Rose low alcohol Slimming world

A subtly fruity taste of strawberry and blackberry, again, a perfect drink for a summer’s evening, or a picnic treat.


Red Wine:

Black Tower red wine low alcohol Slimming World deliciously light

The red is very light, but still has the satisfying taste of a glass of red wine, with the aromas of blackcurrant and spices- this is a great substitute for a regular glass of red wine.

Sparkling wine:

Black Tower Deliciously Light sparkling wine SLimming World

This is lightly sparkling, and perfectly mimics the experience of a glass of prosecco or sparkling wine. It has delicate flavours of pear and peach, and would make a fantastic addition to a summer picnic, party or girls night in where visitors have to drive home!

How many syns are in these wines on Slimming World?

These wines make a brilliant alcohol substitute for anyone following Slimming World- they are all only 0.5% alcohol, and very low syn, here’s how it adds up:

Red wine, 125ml glass: 1.5 syns

White wine, 125ml glass: 1.5 syns

Rosé wine, 125ml glass 1.5 syns

Sparkling wine, 125ml: 1.5 syns


I was really impressed by all of these wines, and will definitely be getting some in for my weekday evenings. My favourites were the sparkling and the rosé for a really summery drink, but I’m sure come winter I’ll fancy a glass of the red, which is the nicest low alcohol red wine that I have tried.

These wines are also a really reasonable price, available from Ocado, they are priced between £3.50 and £4 per bottle.

Find out more information about Black Tower’s Deliciously Light range on their website by clicking here.




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