Best healthy curry recipes

I absolutely love curry, It’s always such a joy to try new flavours and combinations of ingredients, and it’s on my bucket-list to visit India to try some really authentic curries, and increase my knowledge around cooking them. 

Most of the curry recipes that I come up with for The Slimming Foodie fall into the ‘quick and easy’ camp, as practically, this is how I normally cook. But even this way, you can achieve amazing flavours from easy to prepare ingredients, and spices that are easily sourced in the supermarket.

So many curry recipes freeze well, that I tend to always make a big batch and pop some portions in the freezer for days when I don’t have time for cooking from scratch.

The slow-cooker is also a great tool for making tasty curry (find my guide to the slow-cooker here). The long cooking time really gives the flavours time to develop, and if you are cooking a meat such as beef or lamb, you can achieve a beautifully tender texture. 

I’ve shared below some of the most popular curry recipes on the blog: