An entire online shop with Iceland Foods, only £35 & free delivery

Why do your online shopping at Iceland?
You may have an outdated pre-conception of Iceland, as I did, as a place you go to buy frozen pizzas and party food at Christmas, but things have changed, and Iceland offers so much more! You can still buy all your frozen goodies (the kids love the Greggs sausage rolls and frozen Millie’s cookies!), but you can also get all those other essentials to make up a full weekly shop, and the real winner is that they offer free home delivery on orders over £35, and there is a minimum order of £25 (most other supermarkets seem to be at least £40).
This is one of the reasons that Iceland has been named online supermarket of the year over all of the other big name supermarkets, and as the range of products get better and better ( have a look at what’s going to be coming out this Autumn and Christmas by reading some of my previous posts!).
Have a look here at what I was able to get for just £35, with free delivery:

 Frozen food:
Of course Iceland has kept to its roots, and still has a wide and varied frozen food offering, in this shop I have the frozen Gregg’s sausage rolls (perfect for easy picnics for impromptu beach trips!), oven chips (always good to have on hand in the summer holidays for quick kids teas!), Iceland’s fish market king prawns (I always keep a pack of these in the freezer- ideal for making this king prawn and sweet potato curry, or this jambalaya), frozen peas (freezer staple!), and one of the Slimming World paella meals (good to have in the freezer when my husband is away and I can’t face cooking!)




Chilled goods:

You might not have really considered Iceland for their cheeses, but I have been surprised by the range, which includes an award-winning cheddar! You can also pick up other basics such as milk, butter, free-range eggs, yoghurts, and there are lots of chilled meats as well as frozen, such as chicken and bacon.


Fresh fruit and vegetables:

One of the things that I didn’t realise about Iceland was that it actually stocks a fantastic range of fresh fruit and veg under its ‘Farmer’s Market’ brand- this week I’ve got potatoes, carrots, apples, bananas, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber!



Store cupboard staples:

You can still stock up your store cupboards at Iceland, I’ve been delivered tea, squash, biscuits and beans- but there’s a huge range of things on offer and I was surprised at the variety of herbs and spices, sauces and tins that are available!


Household goods:

You also don’t need to go elsewhere to pick up household essentials as Iceland also stocks everything you might need, including loo roll!


Shopping online:

Iceland has a great mobile-optimised website for an easy shopping experience- just pop over to the Iceland website to see if they deliver to your area!



Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Iceland. All opinions are my own, and honest and truthful.

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