Wild garlic

A taste of Spring

A taste of SPring

Wild garlic growing in the woods

It’s so lovely to start to feel Spring in the air, and as it warms up it’s nice to move away a little bit from the hearty stews and casserole-y comfort food, and enjoy some lighter and fresher meals, using some lovely seasonal Spring produce.

What’s in season in March?

Every month I write a summary of what is in season, which you can find at the bottom of the homepage. Here is the page for March!

What is my favourite Spring produce?

I absolutely love asparagus, it tastes delicious, it goes with pretty much anything, and it’s quick and easy to cook. British asparagus season officially starts on 23rd April, but some early crops can appear in March too.

Another Spring favourite of mine is wild garlic. It usually starts to pop up in March, and gives that distinctively garlicky smell to those Spring woodland walks. I think because it is so easy to recognise and forage, there is something so appealing about it. I like to make it into pesto and use it as a pasta sauce.

British leeks will be in season until April. It’s only in the last couple of years that I have grown a real love of leeks, I had never really know what to do with them in the past. I now always serve a side of leeks with a roast dinner (when they are in season), I love leek and potato soup (and actually the kids do too), and they are a great way to add extra veg and lovely flavour to stews, casseroles and curries.

Here are some of my favourite Spring dishes: