A sneak preview of Iceland Food’s Autumn range

Iceland food has crept back into my consciousness over the past couple of years, from their release of the hugely popular Slimming World range of meals, from winning the Which? accolade of best online supermarket shopping experience. So I was intrigued to be invited to a showcase of Iceland’s Autumn food range- especially when I saw a menu which looked like it was from a top restaurant! This was designed by Iceland’s own amazing chef Neil Nugent, and was a true taste of what can be achieved with ingredients available in Iceland.
So last week I escaped a rainy Devon, and headed up to the very snazzy Avequia in London for an afternoon feast of some of Iceland’s latest food offerings.  after sharing a couple of photos on Facebook, the first comment to appear was ‘that isn’t Iceland Food!’, and you could certainly be forgiven for thinking that if you have pre-conceptions of the type of food you might be able to pick up in your local Iceland. My eyes have definitely been opened- forget the garlic bread and chicken kievs, Iceland is offering an incredible selection of  food that could inspire any foodie!


I’m already a big fan of Iceland’s frozen fish range, not only has there been lots of evidence to support that if you are going to buy supermarket fish, frozen fish will provide you with the freshest and best quality, but I’ve used Iceland frozen fish to make some delicious meals (such as this king prawn and sweet potato curry). I hadn’t, however, explored much beyond the fish section, and I was blown away by some of the healthy options that are both already in store, and available in the coming months- fantastic vegetable ideas, such as the riced greens steam bags (finely riced broccoli, spinach, courgette, curly kale and wakame), frozen avocado (life-changer!) and lovely frozen fish and meat products such as hand filleted tuna, rainbow trout and Belgian Blue beef.


We were served this absolutely delicious tuna sashimi, served on top of riced cauliflower with lemon fava cream. (Both the frozen tuna steaks, and cauliflower rice steam bags will be available in store between 11th September, and 8th October).


Avocados are one of my favourite treats (usually in guacamole!), and Iceland are selling bags of frozen avocado halves (8 halves for £2.50), the perfect solution to the ripe’n’ready rip-off! We were served these deep fried in a layer of crushed cornflakes (not so strange as it sounds- I use this for my crispy coating in chicken katsu curry!), with delicious crab (currently available in store) and a tasty amber grain crumpet (crumpet blended with oats, sunflower seeds, millet seeds, flax seeds and wheat).


This is a red shrimp schnitzel, and these Argentinian red shrimp are already available in store, and really are stunning- I have some in the freezer waiting for my next barbecue!


This trout fillet with riced greens on sourdough was one of my favourite courses- the riced greens are fantastic, and I will definitely be getting some of these to go in my freezer- they made the perfect bed for the rainbow trout fillet and I can see so many uses for them in my kitchen. Both of these will be available in store between 11th September and 8th October, along with the sourdough sliced bread which was also amazing!


This is the most fancy toastie I have ever been served, and was made with delicious bonfire chicken, which will also be available in the new line.

IMG_1553  IMG_1558

I adore venison, and it’s a fantastic meat option as it is so lean- we had venison served with pickled blueberries, and also this extra-lean Belgian Blue rump steak which was so tender- and really great value at £5 for 2 steaks.

I was blown away by all of the things I tried, and would never have associated them with Iceland if I hadn’t already known. Fantastic to have so many brilliant healthy options available-  I will definitely be returning to store to pick up some of these for my freezer when they are released!

We did also have a few indulgent treats, all of which were completely delicious and if you are looking for a pudding for a special occasion then these are perfect:

IMG_1563  IMG_1567  FullSizeRender

Millionaire’s tarlettes (the chocolatey one), were incredible- the crust was so buttery and crumbly! The Sicilian lemon tarlettes were also to die for! The raspberry tarte was also completely delicious!

The new ice-cream range includes peanut butter ice-cream (unbelievably good!) and caramel ice-cream, both available in September.

We finished off the meal with a very naughty- but-nice triple dipped salted caramel ice-cream- vanilla ice-cream dipped in milk chocolate, salted caramel and dark chocolate!

I didn’t go into detail about the gorgeous bakery goods that we also tried- the gastro-sausage rolls were an amazing treat!


I absolutely loved trying out this menu, and I’ll be making room in my freezer ready for the release of many of these products! Here were my favourites of the range:

top 10 iceland autumn buys


Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Iceland. All opinions are my own, and honest and truthful.

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