A Slimming World Christmas, and a sneak peek into Head Office!


I was really excited a few weeks ago to be invited up to a Slimming World bloggers’ Christmas lunch, not only to meet the PR team who have sent me some lovely surprises in the post over the past year, but to have a look around the Head Office and meet some others who spend a lot of their time writing about and photographing Slimming World friendly meals! So I headed up to Derby with nervous excitement a couple of weeks ago! Being Devon-based, it’s a long journey for me, but actually it felt like a really treat having a long journey in the car without the constant dialogue and singing involved when the girls are on a road trip with me!

It felt a bit nerve-wracking walking into a room full of people who I have never met, but who have such a huge online presence that they all seem familiar! I walked in with Emily, who has a huge following on Instagram for her page, ylimesalad_slimmingworld. Now Emily really is an inspiration, she has not only lost an incredible 10 stone with Slimming World, she has stayed at target and looks incredible. I soon got chatting to the lovely Emma, who blogs at Life according to Mrs. Shilts. Emma is one of the original Mummy bloggers, sharing lots of posts about family life and travel, but also her journey with Slimming World during which she has lost an amazing 5 stone!



It was also lovely to meet Nikki, who blogs at Fopperholic, and is also a Slimming World consultant- she is super glamorous! Once we had all gathered, and had a good old chat, we were given a full guided tour of the Slimming World Head Office- it really seems an amazing place to work- not only do they have their own beauty salon, where they can have hair and make-up done, they have a gym, including sessions with a personal trainer for everyone, and a staff canteen which only produces syn-free and low syn food! My background is working in HR, and it’s so nice to see a company looking after its staff properly- we all decided we wanted to move to Derby and work there! It was really interesting having a tour of the warehouse, with its enormous stacks of hi-fi bars- and not only that, the warehouse manager let us have a box of the brand new dark choc mint hifis to take home!


During the tour we were taken to the office where all of the magazine staff work- it was lovely for me to bump into Elise, the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, as we used to work together when we were both based in London!



Next it was time for lunch, and we really were treated- the table had been decorated beautifully, and we had all pre-ordered our choices from the menu below (all of the recipes are in the Slimming World Festive Feasts cookbook)- I had chosen:

Coronation prawn and mango cocktail

Maple glazed chicken breasts with cheesy ham and leek stuffing

and I tried BOTH puddings as they were very low syn:

Pavlova Wreath

Winter raspberry and chocolate log


The meal was delicious, and it was lovely eating a Christmas lunch that was so guilt-free! I had the chance to have a really interesting foodie chat with Olly, who is the cookbook Editor at Slimming World and Elise (Editor-in-Chief of the magazine). I told Elise that my favourite page in the magazine is the ‘food news’ section, and she explained how much time they all spend hunting out all of the ideas that they come up with in there! It was also lovely to hear how ethical Slimming World are about working with advertisers for the magazine- if they are approached by a company whose product does not work with the Slimming World ethos or plan, they will not sell advertising space in the magazine to that company. I really got the impression about how much they care about their members and staff, and it was very refreshing!

Here we are all sat at the table:



Here is some of the yummy food!




To top it all off, at the end of the meal we were given a present! I did a little unboxing to show what was in it, which you can view by clicking here if you are interested! Here are some of the bloggers with their pressies:



I really had such a lovely day, it was so nice to meet some of the Slimming World team, and we all really appreciated how much effort had gone into organising the event. Thank-you to the lovely PR ladies at Slimming World!

If you want to check out any of the others who were there (all completely inspirational!), here are all of their instagram handles (you can click through to see their profiles):

















I was invited to attend the #Slim4Xmas Christmas feast by Slimming World. I pay for my own Slimming World membership and all thoughts and opinions here are my own. Many thanks to Slimming World for a lovely day.

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