A lot of luxury at Iceland this Christmas

 Last weekend I was invited up to Iceland’s test kitchen to try out some of the luxury foods on offer this Christmas. It was a thoroughly festive day- not only did we have demonstrations from Iceland’s head chef Neil Nugent on how to cook our Christmas turkey (including a fantastic smoking and salt-baking method), but we were able to sample mince-pie cocktails, have a go at some food graffiti and to pick up some tips on styling our Christmas tables!

This was a fantastic chance for Iceland to show off some of their festive offerings, and the fact that they invited a coach-load of food bloggers to do this shows the confidence they have in how good their luxury Christmas range is this year! There are so many fantastic products on offer, many of which I talked about in my Treats in store at Iceland this Christmas post back in July. At the time the stand out favourite for me was the AMAZING Christmas dessert centrepiece, the Luxury Melting Chocolate Snowflake– this is a concoction of a chocolate brownie base, a dark chocolate mousse, topped with a dark chocolate shell with bronzed chocolate honeycomb pieces and a hot chocolate sauce which breaks into the shell by melting it in the middle. My word this is good, and such a  perfect pudding to share with friends and family at any Christmas event!

Iceland Luxury Melting chocolate snowflake best Christmas dessertIceland Luxury Melting Chocolate Snowflake chocolate brownie chocolate mousse hot chocolate sauce

Now, it just so happens that I LOVE cooking Christmas dinner- my husband and I split up each element and take on our own responsibilities and we both get a real kick out of producing an awesome Christmas spread. However, when I had a newborn baby, and the year we invited 16 people for Christmas lunch I did not love the experience, and had I had the opporunity then to provide a really tasty and luxurious Christmas dinner without having to spend hours and hours in the kitchen I definitely would have opted for it!

I decided that I would give the Iceland Luxury Christmas dinner experience a go, by cooking a full Christmas dinner for my family, using Iceland’s range of products. I’ve never bought pre-cooked roast potatoes, nor a frozen turkey, so I was interested to see if the products could really live up to what they promised, and whether it was genuinely of a quality that I would serve up on Christmas day!

I opted for the luxury turkey crown (£15)- I’ve never bought one before and I like the idea of the ease of carving, as that’s one of my pet hates in having roast turkey or chicken (however Iceland’s gilded turkey also looks incredible)! I also bought the luxury goose-fat roast potatoes (£1.50), the luxury broccoli Christmas trees and carrot baubles (£2- I LOVE these, they are so cute- great way to get the kids eating their veg up too!), and the luxury pork and bramley apple stuffing parcels (£2.50)- so that’s all the essential elements of Christmas dinner for £21!

Iceland Luxury Christmas roast potatoes, turkey crown, pork and bramley apple stuffing and trees and baubles vegetables

Iceland Luxury Christmas roast potatoes, turkey crown, pork and bramley apple stuffing and trees and baubles vegetables

Iceland luxury turkey crown luxury goose fat potatoes luxury pork and bramley apple stuffing

Beautiful Christmas dinner with the Iceland luxury turkey crown, uxury goose fat potatoes, luxury pork and bramley apple stuffing and trees and baubles vegetable selection

Not only did it look good, it was really tasty- if I hadn’t cooked it myself I would never have known that it was made from frozen and pre-prepped ingredients, and I certainly wouldn’t have guessed that it was from Iceland! The turkey was moist (and the crown was awesome- so easy and quick to get the meat off!).

Iceland luxury turkey crown

The Iceland luxury turkey crown

The potatoes are crispy on the outside and fluffy inside, I was a bit worried about soggy veg, but the christmas tree broccoli and carrot baubles were perfectly cooked- a little al dente. The stuffing balls were an ideal accompaniment to everything!


I concentrated this time on the main meal, but Iceland has an absolutely fantastic selection of party food, desserts, starters, cheeses, mince pies (my husband has crowned them the winners of all the supermarkets this year!), Christmas puddings, fish and even sushi in their luxury ranges this Christmas. You can see the whole Christmas range by clicking here.

Not only can you pick up all of these items in-store at Iceland, but they also do a fantastic home delivery service (they won Best Online Supermarket 2017)- you can get free next day delivery if you spend over £35!

I also served my homemade cranberry sauce with this meal- click here to find the recipe!

best ever Christmas cranberry and orange sauce

Best ever cranberry sauce



Disclosure: This post was written in collaboration with Iceland. All opinions are my own, and honest and truthful. All images are mine.


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