5 quick & healthy Monday dinners

I am not the most organised person when it comes to food- I wish I was one of those people who plans out every single meal and then does 1 big weekly shop which covers everything, but my approach is always much for haphazard! I therefore usually arrive at a Monday, without anything planned, thinking ‘what can I cook tonight?’!

Here are some of my favourite quick and easy-to-make dinners!

1. Lemon and thyme chicken penne: Not only is this very easy to make, it’s something that my whole family likes so perfect for feeding everybody

lemon thyme chicken pasta summer

2. Gnocchi with bacon, pesto and green beans: This just takes 10 minutes to make and is really tasty!

gnocchi3. Jerk fish traybake: Healthy, different and very tasty, it’s easy to make!


4. Easy chicken curry- the ultimate curry in a hurry! 

easy chicken curry5. Easy chilli garlic meatballs: These are super-quick to pull together, and taste awesome!

chilli garlic meatballs easy


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