day : 27/03/2017 2 results

Easy sweet and sour chicken

I've looked at lots of sweet and sour recipes, and as I always like the easy route I couldn't really find any that just seemed quick and easy to do, so I came up with this one. I wanted to avoid adding cornflour, but to still have a thick sauce, and I really wanted to have it packed with flavour but full of healthy ingredients. This is so so easy to make, and tastes great.  

Chinese char siu pork (bbq pork)

I wanted to have a go at making my own char siu pork as I love the look of it! We never get takeaway as there isn't anywhere to get it where I live, but I still love the takaway experience (lots of dishes to help yourself to!) so will often do a Chinese, Indian or Mexican at the weekend. Because there are so many amazing flavours in these cuisines anyway, you really don't need all the fat and oil that you would get in a takeaway dish in order to have something that still tastes amazing. ...