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Slow cooker Cuban black beans

I really love black beans as an ingredient, and I had to try this recipe when I saw it in the Simply Nigella cookbook as it looked completely delicious and also very easy. I also loved the idea of being able to cook the dried beans from scratch in the slow cooker, as they can be quite pricey to buy canned, but are really reasonable if you buy the dry ones. Black beans (also known as turtle beans) are very filling but low in calories, so they are great for filling you up without being ...

Top 10 buys when you start Slimming World

It's a big step to start Slimming World- It takes courage to walk into a room full of people that you don't know, and talk about your dietary habits in front of them, it also means that you actually have to face up to that weight on the scales- not only does it tend to be at the end of the day so you can't do the pre-shower empty-stomach weigh, but also it's actually having someone else see that figure, write it down and realise what a journey you have ahead of you to get to a healthy weight...

Mexican chicken mole

I first came across this in Mexico 14 years ago- I couldn't believe I had never heard of it before! The sauce is an amazing combination of chocolate and chilli, and is rich and full of flavour. It should be made with ancho chillies, but I haven't been anywhere that sells them, so I used ancho chilli powder which is in a little chilli kit that my husband gave me a couple of years ago. If you can't get ancho chilli powder then you can substitute with chipotle which is pretty widely availabl...

Cream of tomato soup

I wanted to have a go at making a healthy cream of tomato soup, and this one is lovely. I do think that the tomatoes need to cook for the 40 minutes specified to bring out the sweetness, and do make sure that you preheat the milk and cream cheese before adding so that it doesn't curdle. Perfect served with hot buttered toast!  

Summer picnic- mushroom pizza pasties!

  I was really fussy about vegetables when I was younger, but I've always loved mushrooms- particularly smothered in garlic butter! They are something that I always have in for quick and easy meals because they last so well, are great value and are so versatile. I'm really excited about this recipe, as not only does it combine 3 of my very favourite things- garlic mushrooms, pizza and pasty, but it's such a cost-effective, easy and healthy picnic idea! Once the nice weather ...

Mushroom pizza pasty

I'm really excited about this recipe, as not only does it combine 3 of my very favourite things- garlic mushrooms, pizza and pasty, but it's such a cost-effective, easy and healthy picnic idea! Once the nice weather starts we tend to need picnic lunches every weekend as we head to the beach or up onto Dartmoor and I really struggle to find something that I can eat that is healthy, but that I am still going to really enjoy- plus an option that the whole family will eat so that I'm not ...

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Balsamic sausage and butterbean tray bake

I'm all for a meal that takes 5 minutes to prepare but tastes like more effort has gone into it! Balsamic vinegar on roasted veg is lovely, but throw in some sausages and butterbeans and you have an all-in-one meal that is not only very easy, but also tasty and filling! You can get reduced fat sausages in most of the supermarkets now- I've tried the ones from Tesco, Sainsburys, Co-op, Marks and Spencer and Morrisons and all have been nice! I also really like the Black Farmer sausages- ...

Blueberry baked oats with almonds, cinnamon and maple syrup

This is my favourite breakfast, these are so tasty and so filling! If I've made the time to make these in the morning I find I don't even think about snacking before lunch. These are lovely on their own, but I usually serve them with fat-free natural yoghurt and frozen raspberries. You can prepare the night before by putting the dry and wet ingredients into separate bowls so that all you have to do in the morning is combine and bake!  

Virgin frozen strawberry daiquiri

  // This is a beautiful drink! It tastes delicious, is incredibly refreshing and it also just looks amazing! You could spice it up with a shot of rum, but I think it's lovely just as it is. You need to make sure you have nice, ripe and sweet strawberries.