day : 15/05/2016 2 results

Blueberry and lemon sauce

  I made my 'Healthy delicious pancakes' this morning, and really wanted a tasty topping for them that didn't undo all the good work! This blueberry lemon sauce was really delicous- worked perfectly with the pancakes but still felt like a healthy option. If you are following Slimming World you do need to syn cooked/pureed fruit, but it really isn't much and definitely worth the syns!

Healthy delicious pancakes

I was a little cynical about the use of cottage cheese in a pancake- I wouldn't normally touch cottage cheese with a bargepole! But these pancakes really do taste good, and are full of goodness! This is a great way to make healthy pancakes without using flour, the oats work perfectly. Try these served with my homemade lemon and blueberry sauce, or simply fresh berries and maple syrup!