day : 11/04/2016 2 results

Slow cooker peanut satay pork

I've always adored peanut satay, unfortunately a really indulgent peanut sauce wouldn't be the best thing for weight-loss, so I have come up with this alternative which still tastes really good, but doesn't have the guilt-factor! I have used PB2 powdered peanut butter (you can buy it here on Amazon) in this, as it's a lower fat alternative to peanut butter, and actually it blends really nicely into this sauce, but you can use regular peanut butter, it will just be a bit higher in syns if ...

Fajita spice mix

Since I discovered how easy it is to make your own Fajita spice mix I keep it made up for quick meals- if you are following Slimming World you will find that most of the packet mixes contain unnecessary syns! Make up a batch in advance, keep in a sealed tupperware and you can knock up fajitas in about 10 minutes flat any time!