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Skinny aioli

This stuff is so good! It's gorgeous with lots of things, in particular I love it with sweet potato wedges, falafel, skinny chicken nuggets and cous-cous salads. It tastes amazing. But don't eat it if you have a date or a job interview the following day- it's seriously garlicky! I adapted this from a recipe from one of my favourite ever cookbooks Leon's 'Ingredients and Recipes'  

3 ingredient slow cooker balsamic chicken

I have to say, if I didn't know what had gone into this I would have thought someone had spent a lot of time and effort on it! It really is the easiest meal to make and tastes really good! If you are following Slimming World, salsas do vary in syns, on average they are 0.5 syns per tbsp, but some are more so do check.