day : 10/03/2016 2 results

Creamy mushroom and bacon linguine

This is a very quick and easy meal to make, but it tastes so good! If you need an easy weeknight supper this is perfect- just a few basic ingredients leaves you with an indulgent tasting pasta dish.  

Mushroom and spinach quiche with a sweet potato crust

One of the things that I really miss on my healthy-eating journey is pastry. I've always loved it and I still do! It's still an occasional treat, but if I'm going to let myself have it it needs to be wrapped around a pasty or a steak pie and I'm happy to find an alternative for quiche. I recently saw a recipe online which involved slicing a sweet potato with a mandolin (which I don't have) to create a quiche crust, so I decided to have a go at grating it (as I do have a grater!) and ...