day : 08/02/2016 5 results

Spring rolls

I was very dubious when I saw the 'lasagne sheet' method of making spring rolls, but I tried it, and they were good! For one thing because I always have lasagne sheets in the cupboard and some odd veg knocking around so don't have to do a special shop for the ingredients, and for another they are a great accompaniment to a home-cooked Chinese meal without adding anything deep fried. I've written down the vegetables that I used- but this is completely flexible, just use what you have! ...

Egg fried rice

This is so simple that it doesn't really justify being a 'recipe', but it's n easy one to get wrong- the first time I tried it I stirred it too soon and the egg basically coated the rice and made it really claggy- not good! So I have typed up the recipe just to give you the quick and simple way of doing it!  

Twice cooked crispy ‘seaweed’

  I was not sure that this recipe was going to work without lots of oil, but it was a complete winner! I'm not the biggest fan of kale, but it really is perfect for this recipe. I'm not sure I can see many scenarios in which I would enjoy eating a big mouthful of kale, but this is so nice! You might think the 'twice cooked' thing is a bit strange, but the interval allows the kale to rest and steam off extra moisture so that the 2nd bake gives it a lovely crisp without burning ...

Ginger and garlic prawns

I think that one of the best flavour combinations in existence is garlic and chilli, I just can't get enough of it! Throw in some ginger, prawns and a few other bits and you get a mouthwatering dish worthy of a weekend treat!  

Chinese chilli beef

I tried to find a way to make this crispy chilli beef, but I'm just not sure you can achieve that without frying it in a lot of oil (if you have found a way PLEASE drop me a line!). But anyway, this was still really tasty, for me as good as something you' get from a Chinese takeaway but completely without the guilt factor! The great thing about making your own Chinese food at home is that you can involve lots of vegetables and still keep it feeling very take-away-ey!