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KFC style chicken

Fairly recently my husband and I got stuck in terrible traffic on a long road trip, and had the choice of McDonalds, Harvester or KFC. As we wanted to be quick I said I fancied trying KFC- I hadn't had it since I was a kid when it was a big treat that we only ever had with my Uncle and cousins. I could have gone for a healthier rice box but I was really curious to see if the chicken was as good as I remembered... it tasted really good and I could see how you could get addicted to it, but ...

Quick sweet potato fries

It's not rocket science, but it is a lovely quick way to make these yummy treats! Add the cayenne if you like a bit of a kick! If you don't have a chip mesh I recommend investing in one! You can often find them in Poundland or Aldi- or here on Amazon (click)    

Pip’s best spaghetti bolognese

I know this is about the 4th bolognese recipe I've posted up here, but it's one of my favourite comfort foods so I make it a lot and tend to experiment! This one's a bit of a throwback to my childhood as I was SO fussy about eating vegetables that my Mum used to puree my bolognese sauce so I didn't keep picking bits out! I still love having it like this, and since I was given my beautiful Cuisinart food processor (link) as a wedding present (Thankyou so much Barbie and Brian!) I have ...

Mini bacon cheeseburger-in-a-bowl with cayenne sweet potato fries

I've seen lot of variations of 'big mac in a bowl' on Slimming World forums and wanted to create something similar- a tasty way to have a burger without the bun. I made these burgers mini just because they look prettier, but overall this was a really tasty and satisfying meal.  

Ham and split pea soup

This is the ideal slow cooker soup- just throw everything in and leave it and it turns into a yummy hearty soup! The ham becomes fall-apart tender and the split peas break down forming a thick soup. The only slight pain is remembering to soak the split peas the night before!