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Mexican taco style feast

I've been wanting to have a go at this for ages! I love tacos, but they aren't always a healthy option. This uses lasagne sheets (who knew?!) to make delicious crunchy tortilla chips, a homemade taco seasoning spices the meat perfectly, and for me the refried beans, salsa, jalapenos and cheese turn this into a real treat! I did try shaping the lasagne into traditional shape tacos, but they didn't work out, so just kept it easy with the nachos!  

Jerk pork with pineapple

I'm all for a ready-made jerk seasoning, but it's also nice to do it yourself sometimes for that fresher taste- this is a gorgeous tasty jerk pork dish, and it's really complemented by the sweet and juicy pineapple. PLEASE NOTE: THE PORK REQUIRES OVERNIGHT MARINATING!    

Blackcurrant jam baked oats

I prefer baked oats to overnight oats and porridge- it's such a nice 'cake-ey' thing to have for breakfast! These ones use blackcurrant jam to give them just enough sweetness without being overloaded. I love them served with fresh berries and some fat-free strawberry yoghurt.  

Sweet and sour pork with egg fried rice

This is a mouthwatering sweet and sour sauce, it's very very quick and simple to prepare and feels like a treat, even though it's actually nice and healthy!  

Skinny Carbonara (Jamie Oliver)

I recently bought Jamie Oliver's latest recipe book Everyday Super Food (click here), so many of the recipes look brilliant, but this is the first one that I fancied trying- it's pretty far from a traditional carbonara, but it really was delicious, and I definitely recommend trying it!  

Perfect roast potatoes

My favourite method for cooking roast potatoes has always been in lard, it makes really nice roast potatoes. BUT I hate to think about how unhealthy they are- I've not really wanted to make 'healthy' roast potatoes before as I worry they will be too dry, but this method really does make lovely potatoes that wouldn't compare unfavourably with the ones dripping in grease!  

Skinny Chicken Balti

This recipe is from Jamie Oliver (Click here for his version) but I have adjusted it slightly to remove oil and unecessary fat.  

Chicken and asparagus risotto

I can't take the credit for this recipe, as it's one my husband always makes when we have leftover roast chicken- it's one of my all time favourites- very simple flavours but just so delicious!  


I was really excited when I first saw this recipe idea as I love pizza! I'm not sure of the origin, although the first version I came across was Nigella's- apparently it was the most popular recipe from her Nigelissima (click here) recipe book. It's a different experience from a pizza as obviously the base isn't crisp, but it's a great way to get all those flavours in, and also a perfect accompaniment to salad and a whoe host of other 'pizza topping' type vegetables. There's also a lot ...

Sticky honey, soy and mint sausages

This is a very quick way to jazz up your sausages- I tend to buy the Tesco Healthy Living Cumberland sausages which are 1 syn each, but most of the supermarkets do their own version of low fat sausages. My husband introduced me to the concept of sausages and salad many years ago, and it's such a good combination- especially if the sausages have this lovely glaze on them.