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Roasted cocoa and spiced pumpkin soup

Roasting the pumpkin for this recipe actually saves a lot of work as you don't have to spend ages removing the skin and chopping the pumpkin up- Once you have slow-roasted it, you can just scoop out the rich flesh ready to whizz into a delicious soup! Just a note about pumpkins- the big ones meant for carving unfortunately have very poor flavour- I don't recommend turning these into soup although it seems a shame to waste it! Instead, make sure that you buy one which is either labelled ...

Caramelised raspberry baked oats

I've just discovered date nectar, and this one by Beloved gives a lovely natural alternative to using sugar or honey as a sweetener. For everyday baked oats I keep the syns low by using sweetener, but as a treat (3 syns for a tablespoon of date nectar) these baked oats are gorgeous and you don't need anything alongside them to sweeten them up! The top turns out caramelised and crispy for a really indulgent seeming breakfast!  

Spicy satay chicken zoodles

I've used spiralized courgette with this (because I am in love with my new spiralizer- I have this one from Amazon-click here) but you can use noodles if you prefer- although make sure you throw in some more speed veg if you do! If you feel at all doubtful about eating a whole bowl of courgette like this- give it a go! Honestly you just wouldn't know it- I definitely think it's the easiest way to eat vegetables. I use powdered peanut butter because it is so much less fattening than the ...

Perfect burgers

I love a homemade burger and have experimented lots with different recipes even before I was following Slimming world. I think that this recipe is the best healthy one I've done. The oyster sauce keeps it moist while cooking, even with a low fat mince and gives it a nice saltiness. I served this one with curly fries (made with my new sprializer- Click here- £33.77 on Amazon) and broccoli and runner beans fried with red chilli. You can have a 60g wholemeal roll as your Healthy Extra ...

Takeaway style spicy oriental chicken

I really fancied a Wagamama-style dish at the weekend and this one's delicious- lots of lovely flavours but also lots of speed foods and super-healthy!   If you haven't discovered Sriracha chilli sauce yet and you love chilli, you have to get some! It's super hot (but not unbearable) and only 0.5 syns per tablespoon. You can get it on Amazon- click here but I got mine in Sainsburys, I've seen it in Tesco's and if you are lucky enough to have an Oriental supermarket near you ...

Hot ‘n’ smoky chilli con carne

Chilli con carne has always been one of my favourite weekend dinners- we have it with homemade guacamole (which tastes SO much better than shop bought), rice, an handful of tortilla chips and cheese melted over the top. Just love it!  

Black bean brownies

Months ago I saw a recipe for black bean brownies and was intrigued about what they would be like so I finally gave them a go! Black beans are high in protein and fibre and very good for you, and you would never know once the brownies are cooked that they are in there! After speaking to my consultant, I decided to syn the black beans as if they were flour, as this could be classed as a tweak, so the syns in the recipe reflect this and do not count the beans as free. Next time I do these ...

Blueberry lemon drizzle slice

I was on holiday in Skye 3 years ago, and there was a tiny little bakery that used to cook these amazing fresh cakes every day- one of the ones I really remembered was a lemon blueberry drizzle slice and this was what I was trying to recreate here. Not a patch on theirs, but this ones tastes good, is satisfying to eat and makes you feel like you've had a cake without using up all your syns in one go!  

Lentil, aubergine and butternut squash bake

I adapted this recipe for Slimming World from a BBC Good Food recipe (click here). I love my meat and often when I eat vegetarian food I miss it! This recipe, however, is so tasty and filling that I didn't miss it at all! I really recommend trying to get the puy lentils for these rather than substituting them- don't buy the pre-cooked ones which cost a fortune, but the dry ones are much cheaper and you don't need to soak them overnight so they are super quick to do.  

Jaffa cakes

These jaffa cakes use oats in the base, so if you want to make them really low syn then you can count them towards your HEB. If you are fully synning them they are 2.5 syns each, which is actually the same as a bought jaffa cake, but these guys are bigger and more satisfying (and contain much more goodness and less sugar!).