day : 07/09/2015 3 results

Italian Wonderpot

I first saw this on Pinterest, posted by budgetbytes and thought that it looked like a really interesting idea- a pasta dish where you throw ALL of the uncooked ingredients into a pan! The original recipe seems to have come from Apron Strings based on a Martha Stewart idea. The starch in the pasta helps to thicken up the sauce, and the combination of ingredients make a really tasty dinner. It looks too good to be true, but it's not- the result is a very tasty and simple pasta and it ...

Sticky plum chicken

We had this as an alternative to a Sunday roast, and the whole family enjoyed it. The recipe was from Delicious Magazine but I made a few adaptations to their recipe to keep it low syn.  

Melting middle peanut butter cakes

These are a very satisfying sweet treat and perfect if you feel like you are about to fall off the bandwagon and scoff a doughnut! Don't do it! Make these! They are 6 syns in total (using your healthy extra b portion of oats) but really worth it. I like them for breakfast, but then I have a very sweet tooth, but they'd be a lovely pudding if you haven't used your HEB for the day! I got my powdered peanut butter from Sainsburys (PBGit, £4), and previously I have used Hale's Natural ...