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Sweet chilli mushrooms on toast with poached egg and parsley

I struggled a little with how to adapt my favourite mushrooms on toast for Slimming World, because there is nothing like mushrooms on toast cooked in lashings of butter and garlic, but I feel like I've found an excellent compromise here, the sweet chilli sauce is low syn (generally about 1.5 syns per level tbsp), and the poached egg really just tops it off beautifully.  

Slow-cooker bbq beef brisket

  This recipe is adapted from a Tom Kerridge recipe for BBQ beef brisket, to make it Slimming World friendly. In Tom Kerridge's version the beef is left overnight in the rub to really let the flavour absorb (you can do this if you have time and remember, but I haven't put it in this recipe as I never remember about it the night before!). I tried this in the slow-cooker as I wanted to be able to go out and leave it, and it turned out beautifully. Please note you will need a ...

Greggs style steak bake

This is one of those recipes which is causing such a stir on the Slimming World Facebook groups that all the supermarkets seem to be selling out of the ingredients!   It's a simple yet effective idea, using tinned stewed steak (only certain brands are free- Asda and M&S are according to the online syns calculator at the time of posting, but check the nutritional information on the online syns calculator to check, and if in any doubt at all, please check with your Slimming ...

Slimmer’s chocmallow doughnut

These bad-boys have been by far the most popular post so far on my Facebook page, from hundreds of recipes! The beauty is that they are very low syn, but really do taste good enough that you feel like you are eating something really naughty! They are only 3 syns each (if you are using the wholemeal bread from your healthy extra b allowance). If you have a sweet tooth give them a go! Although these look naughty, they really aren't anywhere near as bad as a real doughnut, and are a great way ...

Slow-cooked Mexican black bean & shredded salsa chicken

This is a great recipe- it's very quick to throw together in the slow cooker, but the end result is a really delicious Mexican inspired dish which is very versatile- It's lovely just with rice, wrapped in a tortilla, or put into an Old El Paso stand 'n' stuff tortilla, topped with cheese and oven baked!