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Weetabix cake

This recipe was from the Slimming World website and it's a lovely recipe- no hassle at all to do, but with great results. It's particularly lovely while still warm, and if you have a few syns spare, maybe spread with a teaspoon of butter!  

Diet Coke beef

This is a really tasty, syn-free dish, and I have to say I prefer it with beef! Using a cheap cut of lean beef I always prefer it done in the slow cooker as it falls apart when it's cooked, and I hate having really chewy meat. It has a rich and flavoursome sauce, and makes a great quick meal to heat up if you make a big pot of it!  

Amazing 5-ingredient slow-cooker salsa chicken

This recipe uses shop bought salsa to make a really delicious slow-cooked shredded chicken and black-bean Mexican style dish. I had little faith that putting 5 ingredients into the slow cooker would make something that I'd want to do again, but thought I'd give it a try and it was worth the experiment. Just stick in the slow-cooker in the morning and come home to a completely yummy dinner! I've based the syn values in this dish on the salsa I used, which was the Dorito's hot salsa- but ...

Best ever pizza sauce

This pizza sauce is so yummy that I can just eat it on its own! I make a double batch to keep in a jar in the fridge and it's one of those really handy go-to things when you are stuck for ideas! I use it on top of a Kingsmill wholemeal thin (healthy extra b) topped with cheese for a lunchtime pizza, on top of the Warburton's easy-roll square wraps (8 syns) for a Saturday night treat pizza, inside the Old El Paso Stand 'n' Stuff Tortilla with loads more veg and cheese for a pizza pie, with ...

Perfect Slimming World chips

I've made a lot of Slimming World friendly chips since starting- I love that they feel like such a treat but are syn-free. I've tried out lots of methods, and this is a great one to get a lovely crispy chip without the faff of par-boiling and shaking up (or even pre-microwaving as some do). The secret is instant mashed potato, and a little combination of spices which add a lovely flavour. I also love my crinkle chip cutter as there's something so appealing looking about crinkle cut chips! I ...

Lemony chilli crab linguine

Pastas like this have always been my favourite, just those simple but perfect flavour combinations. I used a tin of white crab meat here (£1 in Home Bargains so definitely the cheaper option!) but it would be even lovelier I'm sure with fresh crab if you can get it!  

Rolo muffins

These Rolo muffins have a lovely little treat in the middle- a gooey, melted rolo.  At 2.5 syns each they are a guilt-free indulgence. We all know that a 'real' cake is going to taste better, but if you want a cake experience without synning too much then these are worth a try!  

Sugar-free Werthers Original- 1/2 syn each

I keep a packet of these in the car and in the kitchen cupboard as they are a perfect little treat if you want something sweet as they take ages to suck! At only 1/2 syn each you can't go wrong! I have also hear that they now do sugar-free toffees, although I haven't spotted these anywhere yet!  

Sainsbury’s kitchenware

I think Sainsbury's kitchenware is a cut above the other supermarkets- there are always things that catch my eye. They've had a great sale recently in their kitchen section, and I picked up some gorgeous sage and cream ceramic baking trays for £6 (for 2), they are so pretty! They've also got a lovely copper range (the kettle's pictured, and I keep being so tempted to get it!) and 3 for 2 on all of their Kilner jars and bottles at the moment! I have only realised today that they also sell ...

Sticky chinese pork

This recipe is about as easy as it gets when it comes to making a deliciously dark and sticky glazed chinese pork. One of those things that can be thrown together in a couple of minutes, with great results!