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Diet Coke beef

This is a really tasty, syn-free dish, and I have to say I prefer it with beef! Using a cheap cut of lean beef I always prefer it done in the slow cooker as it falls apart when it's cooked, and I hate having really chewy meat. It has a rich and flavoursome sauce, and makes a great quick meal to heat up if you make a big pot of it!  

Amazing 5-ingredient slow-cooker salsa chicken

This recipe uses shop bought salsa to make a really delicious slow-cooked shredded chicken and black-bean Mexican style dish. I had little faith that putting 5 ingredients into the slow cooker would make something that I'd want to do again, but thought I'd give it a try and it was worth the experiment. Just stick in the slow-cooker in the morning and come home to a completely yummy dinner! I've based the syn values in this dish on the salsa I used, which was the Dorito's hot salsa- but ...

Best ever pizza sauce

This pizza sauce is so yummy that I can just eat it on its own! I make a double batch to keep in a jar in the fridge and it's one of those really handy go-to things when you are stuck for ideas! I use it on top of a Kingsmill wholemeal thin (healthy extra b) topped with cheese for a lunchtime pizza, on top of the Warburton's easy-roll square wraps (8 syns) for a Saturday night treat pizza, inside the Old El Paso Stand 'n' Stuff Tortilla with loads more veg and cheese for a pizza pie, with ...

Perfect Slimming World chips

I've made a lot of Slimming World friendly chips since starting- I love that they feel like such a treat but are syn-free. I've tried out lots of methods, and this is a great one to get a lovely crispy chip without the faff of par-boiling and shaking up (or even pre-microwaving as some do). The secret is instant mashed potato, and a little combination of spices which add a lovely flavour. I also love my crinkle chip cutter as there's something so appealing looking about crinkle cut chips! I ...

Lemony chilli crab linguine

Pastas like this have always been my favourite, just those simple but perfect flavour combinations. I used a tin of white crab meat here (£1 in Home Bargains so definitely the cheaper option!) but it would be even lovelier I'm sure with fresh crab if you can get it!  

Rolo muffins

These Rolo muffins have a lovely little treat in the middle- a gooey, melted rolo.  At 2.5 syns each they are a guilt-free indulgence. We all know that a 'real' cake is going to taste better, but if you want a cake experience without synning too much then these are worth a try!  

Sticky chinese pork

This recipe is about as easy as it gets when it comes to making a deliciously dark and sticky glazed chinese pork. One of those things that can be thrown together in a couple of minutes, with great results!  

Takeaway chicken chow mein

This is a real classic, it's tasty enough to stand in for a takeaway, and it's very easy to do. Also a great way to get lots of veg incorporated into your main! From the Slimming World website:    

Sausage rolls

If you loved the steak bake, here's the next big thing, the 1/2 syn sausage roll! Using Healthy extra b Hovis good inside, or Kingsmill wholemeal sandwich thins and low-syn sausages. Here I used the Morrisons NuMe Cumberland sausages which are 1/2 a syn each, but you could try with the Heck Chicken Italia at 0.5 syns each, or the Tesco Healthy Living cCumberland sausages! Or do a veggie version with Quorn sausages... the possibilities are endless! I wish I could credit whoever came up with ...

Sweet chilli mushrooms on toast with poached egg and parsley

I struggled a little with how to adapt my favourite mushrooms on toast for Slimming World, because there is nothing like mushrooms on toast cooked in lashings of butter and garlic, but I feel like I've found an excellent compromise here, the sweet chilli sauce is low syn (generally about 1.5 syns per level tbsp), and the poached egg really just tops it off beautifully.