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Blackcurrant jam baked oats

I prefer baked oats to overnight oats and porridge- it's such a nice 'cake-ey' thing to have for breakfast! These ones use blackcurrant jam to give them just enough sweetness without being overloaded. I love them served with fresh berries and some fat-free strawberry yoghurt.  

Caramelised raspberry baked oats

I've just discovered date nectar, and this one by Beloved gives a lovely natural alternative to using sugar or honey as a sweetener. For everyday baked oats I keep the syns low by using sweetener, but as a treat (3 syns for a tablespoon of date nectar) these baked oats are gorgeous and you don't need anything alongside them to sweeten them up! The top turns out caramelised and crispy for a really indulgent seeming breakfast!  

Raspberry baked oats

This is one of my favourite breakfasts- the recipe below doesn't make them very sweet (you can always add some more sweetener or syn some sugar or golden syrup), but I serve with flavoured yoghurt and extra fruit and they are so satisfying! This uses your Healthy extra B portion of oats for the day.  

Baked blueberry oats

I've never been a big fan of breakfast, and although most mornings a bowl of shreddies and a piece of fruit have to do for speed, sometimes I just want something different! I really enjoyed these baked oats, this recipe is not very sweet, and you could add more sweetener or perhaps add some synned golden syrup to sweeten them up a bit, but I found that they were perfect with some fat free strawberry yoghurt (I had Onken which is 5.5 syns for a huge pot) and some fresh berries. A nice cakey ...