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Chicken satay strips

Chicken satay is one of my all-time favourite foods! I wanted to create something that was both a healthy option for a picnic, and also a treat! I'm a big fan of powdered peanut butter, particularly for cooking with as it's a low-fat great way to get that peanutty taste, and it mixes in so well with sauces and marinades. There are a lot more options on the market now since I first started buying this- the first one I bought was PPB which I think cost about £9 from the health food shop- ...

No fuss traybake tomato and basil soup

I really love soup, and it's such a brilliant way to get in lots of portions of vegetables, but I just don't always find the time to prepare it as it usually involves lots of chopping! I discovered a new way of making soup in a baking tray just before Christmas (see my Best Soup recipe here) and I thought I'd try it again with more of a basic soup. So with this one, I just peeled and roughly chopped and onion, threw in some whole cloves of garlic and then just chopped tomatoes, carrot and ...

Za’atar spice mix

Za'atar is one of my favourite discoveries in the past 6 months. I was introduced to it by Sabrina Ghaynour in her fabulous book Sirocco which is full of beautiful Middle-Eastern food ideas. Just before Christmas I hosted a Persian themed dinner party in which za'atar was a key ingredient! However, I have found it pretty expensive to by compared to other spice mixes, and so far I have only seen it in Sainsburys and Waitrose so it's not super-easy to get your hands on. That is why I had a ...

Simply delicious crispy chicken

I learnt this little secret from Annabel Karmel's toddler cookery book! Rice Krispies make an amazing crispy coating for chicken- It's nicer than any unhealthy fried chicken! Every time I have made these for my kids I have ended up unable to resist them... so just gave in and made them for myself!  

Tuna and courgette sweet potato crust quiche

I love these sweet potato crust quiches at the moment- for me the whole appeal of quiche used to be the pastry, so a crustless one just doesn't satisfy me! Although the sweet potato doesn't give it a crunchy crust, it give it both filling power, extra depth of flavour and it works really nicely aesthetically too! I first had tuna quiche cooked by my best friend Sharon's Mum on her farm in Devon during university holidays (in fact quite a few of my favourite recipes have come from ...

Fajita spice mix

Since I discovered how easy it is to make your own Fajita spice mix I keep it made up for quick meals- if you are following Slimming World you will find that most of the packet mixes contain unnecessary syns! Make up a batch in advance, keep in a sealed tupperware and you can knock up fajitas in about 10 minutes flat any time!  

Healthy extras pizza

Although this isn't a recipe as such, it's been one of the more popular posts on my Facebook page (click here) and Instagram (click here). If you are following Slimming World there are certain wholemeal bread mixes that can be your healthy extra b choice (60g made up), and therefore the perfect vehicle for a delicious homemade pizza! I used the Asda Chosen by you wholemeal bread mix, and at the time of writing this (1st April 2016) you can also use Aldi 'The Pantry' Crusty Wholem...

Creamy mushroom and bacon linguine

This is a very quick and easy meal to make, but it tastes so good! If you need an easy weeknight supper this is perfect- just a few basic ingredients leaves you with an indulgent tasting pasta dish.  

Pink pancakes

I'm always experimenting with different pancake recipes as I love them as a breakfast option! These ones use pureed raspberries to flavour them, and are lovely served with honey, golden syrup or choc shot and some fresh berries!  

Mexican taco style feast

I've been wanting to have a go at this for ages! I love tacos, but they aren't always a healthy option. This uses lasagne sheets (who knew?!) to make delicious crunchy tortilla chips, a homemade taco seasoning spices the meat perfectly, and for me the refried beans, salsa, jalapenos and cheese turn this into a real treat! I did try shaping the lasagne into traditional shape tacos, but they didn't work out, so just kept it easy with the nachos!