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Teisseire Gourmet Drops

If , like me, you like a sugar in your coffee, this could be the answer to managing to add sweetness without the syns of sugar, or the taste of artificial sweeteners. These caramel flavour drops are syn free, and the perfect size to carry around in your handbag to sweeten your hot drinks out and about, or at work. £2 at Asda.  

Sugar-free Werthers Original- 1/2 syn each

I keep a packet of these in the car and in the kitchen cupboard as they are a perfect little treat if you want something sweet as they take ages to suck! At only 1/2 syn each you can't go wrong! I have also hear that they now do sugar-free toffees, although I haven't spotted these anywhere yet!  

Sainsbury’s kitchenware

I think Sainsbury's kitchenware is a cut above the other supermarkets- there are always things that catch my eye. They've had a great sale recently in their kitchen section, and I picked up some gorgeous sage and cream ceramic baking trays for £6 (for 2), they are so pretty! They've also got a lovely copper range (the kettle's pictured, and I keep being so tempted to get it!) and 3 for 2 on all of their Kilner jars and bottles at the moment! I have only realised today that they also sell ...

Tyrells Poshcorn

I love the sweet and salty popcorn- it is a real treat, and these little Tyrells bags (12g) are only 3 syns per bag, so they really are a perfect low-syn snack if you need something in a hurry!  

Anthropologie kitchenware

Browsing the kitchenware in this shop actually makes my heart rate increase! Just so many beautiful things. If I was rich I would fit out my whole kitchen, but generally I have to padlock away my credit card to resist temptation. Anthropologie have great sales with brilliant discounts though so you can pick up some real bargains. I'm not sure how much longer I can resist these Bibelot measuring cups which are currently £7.36, reduced from £36! &...

Annie’s in Totnes

The lovely thing about going into this shop is that it actually makes you feel really excited about fruit and vegetables! The produce is all just so beautiful that you want to buy everything you see, and I can't say that I feel like that in the supermarket! If you are based in South Devon I highly recommend a visit here for a stock up, and Totnes is a lovely town to have a poke around. Annie's also deliver within a 10 mile radius. If you are doing Slimming World properly then I definitely think ...

A new Free low-calorie spray!

If you are sick of the sight of your Frylight then there is an alternative! The Groovy Food Company has released their coconut oil spray! It's perfect for Thai curries, noodle dishes, and any meal where you wouldn't mind if there was a subtle hint of coconut! I've even used it for my homemade fishfingers and it worked beautifully!    

Free curry meal cheat!

I love the Ainsley Harriott Amazing Grains Lentil Dahl, not only is it very quick and very tasty, it has no syns at all! It's a lovely quick lunch, or a perfect side for a curry dinner, or to pad out some leftovers! It is available in selected Tesco and Morrisons stores, priced at £1.25.