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Easy chicken curry

This recipe is from Slimming World's online recipe collection (Slimming World chicken curry), and is very simple to do, therefore foolproof! What I love about it is that there is lots of sauce, but as it's tomato based there are no syns. They suggest serving it with chargrilled broccoli and beans which is the perfect accompaniment.  

Jelly sweets

Sugar-free jelly, and gelatine make Haribo style sweets which are very low syn. I couldn't resist buying these lego style moulds to make some Slimming World sweets! It's a nice easy way to have some 'sweets' without piling up the syns and they are fun to make and taste lovely (memories of being a kid and eating the jelly cubes before they were made into jelly!).  Lego jelly moulds  are £7.99 on Amazon (if you sign up to a 30 day free trial of Amazon Prime it's free delivery too Amazon ...

Spaghetti with prawns, lemon, rocket and chilli

I have adapted this recipe from Jamie's Italy to be Slimming World friendly, and it's one of my absolute favourite pastas- the combination of flavours works perfectly, and even without all the olive oil that Jamie adds, it is just to die for!  

Chicken satay with peanut sambal

I've always loved satay sauce, and in my 20's I'd make this up for my flatmates using half a jar of peanut butter! I saw powdered peanut butter advertised on another website and wasn't convinced, but my local health food shop ordered it in for me and I'm so impressed! You just add water to make it into peanut butter consistency, and it's half the syns of real peanut butter! It is expensive (£7.99 a jar on Amazon for PPB the British made one Hale Naturals PPB® 180g Original Powdered Peanut ...

Courgette and chilli mini muffins

I whipped these up in about ten minutes on a day where I was heading off to the beach but really just wanted a nice syn-free (using your healthy extra a choice) lunch. They're super easy to make, very tasty and also satisfying.  

2-ingredient sweet potato pancakes

I love these little pancakes- they taste lovely, are very easy to make and are very versatile! I serve mine with a yoghurt dip, but really there are endless possibilities! (Here's the dip I like http://www.theslimmingfoodie.com/lemon-garlic-and-mint-dip/)  

Lemon, garlic and mint dip

This dip goes particularly well with the sweet potato pancakes (see separate recipe), but is also lovely with chopped peppers, carrots, or potato wedges! //  

Homemade pesto

  This pesto uses lemon juice rather than just olive oil to moisten it, so it's lower syn than an oil filled one, but it's a beautifully fresh taste and a very quick and easy meal option if you have it made up already!

Amazing 5-ingredient slow-cooker salsa chicken

This recipe uses shop bought salsa to make a really delicious slow-cooked shredded chicken and black-bean Mexican style dish. I had little faith that putting 5 ingredients into the slow cooker would make something that I'd want to do again, but thought I'd give it a try and it was worth the experiment. Just stick in the slow-cooker in the morning and come home to a completely yummy dinner! I've based the syn values in this dish on the salsa I used, which was the Dorito's hot salsa- but ...

Lemony chilli crab linguine

Pastas like this have always been my favourite, just those simple but perfect flavour combinations. I used a tin of white crab meat here (£1 in Home Bargains so definitely the cheaper option!) but it would be even lovelier I'm sure with fresh crab if you can get it!