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Caramelised onion hummus

I'm making up for lost time with hummus, I had never even tried it until about 4 years ago- it just looked like something I wouldn't like! I sampled some out of politeness at a friend's house a few years ago, and realised what I had been missing! I have since discovered how easy it is to make, and not only that, but how easy it is to make a healthy version that still tastes amazing! I've never been a fan of carrot sticks, but add hummus, and they are a treat! Some of my favourites so far ...

Vegan sweet potato hummus

A couple of months ago I had an amazing weekend away in the Cotswolds with a big group of girls (and inspirational slimmers) that I met through Slimming World- we all met for the first time in 2016 at a bloggers' lunch organised by Slimming World head office, and since become fast friends. I wasn't able to make it to the last meet up, but this time we stayed in an absolutely gorgeous house (Alcester Farmhouse) booked through Kate & Toms, an absolutely brilliant company who have the ...

Butterbean and za’atar dip

One of my favourite cookbooks of 2016/17 has been Sabrina Ghaynour's Sirocco, I've loved every recipe that I've tried, and this one I have made over and over again- pretty much any time we have had anyone over for dinner/snacks and often as a Saturday night nibble! I made the recipe by the book for my Christmas Persian feast, it uses lots of garlic oil, and is super-tasty. However I wanted to make a healthier version so that I could enjoy it guilt-free, so I've made a few little changes ...


  The UK hummus shortage prompted me to get this recipe up on the website! It's one of those things that is so super-easy to make, and tastes so good freshly made that I think it's such a shame to buy the plastic pots of it in the supermarket! Most hummus recipes use a fair old bit of olive oil, which is delicious, but not great if you are trying to slim down. I use fat-free yoghurt instead of oil to give it a smooth and 'dippy' consistency, and personally I think it's just as ...


This is my version of Nigella's 'brocamole' idea- she in turn credits the idea to Ludo Lefebvre, who did a purely broccoli version with no avocado. I adore fresh guacamole, and although avocados are very good for you and full of 'healthy' fat, if you are following Slimming World it is very high in syns and for me it's great to be able to enjoy guacamole without eating a ton of syns!  

Chip shop style curry sauce

Up until about 3 months ago I had actually never had chips and curry sauce- it passed me by even with all those late night takeaways in my youth! I had it for the very first time at our 'local' (and it's a pretty special local) Glazebrook House. The Executive Chef is Anton Piotrowski (he won Masterchef professionals in 2012). My husband and I had a rare day off together, both kids were at school/nursery and we had a gorgeous walk up on Dartmoor and stopped off on our way back. It ...

Slow-cooker salsa

I'm all for a jar of salsa and that's usually what I will use if I'm having Mexican, but it's so easy to do and I really fancied having a go in the slow cooker- this also means no need for the unnecessary amount of oil, salt and sugar that you might get in a shop-bought one. If you follow this blog you will know how much I love my slow-cooker- I think it's just being able to throw everything in and leave it- pretty lazy cooking for amazing results! This makes a good sized batch of salsa- ...

Skinny aioli

This stuff is so good! It's gorgeous with lots of things, in particular I love it with sweet potato wedges, falafel, skinny chicken nuggets and cous-cous salads. It tastes amazing. But don't eat it if you have a date or a job interview the following day- it's seriously garlicky! I adapted this from a recipe from one of my favourite ever cookbooks Leon's 'Ingredients and Recipes'  

Spicy pizza pops

These are just little bites of deliciousness! You have the lovely melted mozzarella, pepperoni and jalapeno, but with a quinoa body they're low in syns. Perfect dipped in my Best Ever Pizza Sauce (click here). They are also very quick and easy to make. I got the idea from Wonky Wonderful (click here) on Pinterest, but have amended the recipe.  

Lemon, garlic and mint dip

This dip goes particularly well with the sweet potato pancakes (see separate recipe), but is also lovely with chopped peppers, carrots, or potato wedges! //