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Aloo Gobi

I was a really fussy eater as a child, and my Mum despaired about getting me to eat vegetables or fruit, I just wouldn't touch them! Then when I was about 12 she discovered that I would eat all sorts of veg if they were curried and we had a breakthrough! I've moved on now and really enjoy most veg, but I'm still discerning about how they are cooked- and I still love them curried. This dish is a great way to squeeze in lots of speed foods without really noticing. It's lovely as a side to ...

Slow cooker chicken tikka masala

I love chicken tikka masala- I could never resist this is having an Indian takeaway, even though I knew I should try new and more authentic dishes, it's just so delicious! I've been desperate to find one that's not too high in syns but still feels like a treat. This one is so easy to do- just a case of throwing all the ingredients into the slow cooker, and the coconut milk gives it some creaminess without too many calories. Coconut milk varies hugely in the amount of syns- so make sure ...

Easy chicken curry

This recipe is from Slimming World's online recipe collection (Slimming World chicken curry), and is very simple to do, therefore foolproof! What I love about it is that there is lots of sauce, but as it's tomato based there are no syns. They suggest serving it with chargrilled broccoli and beans which is the perfect accompaniment.  

Beef dhansak

I tend to go for chicken curries, but this one is a nice change, and has a lovely thick sauce.