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Chip shop style curry sauce

Up until about 3 months ago I had actually never had chips and curry sauce- it passed me by even with all those late night takeaways in my youth! I had it for the very first time at our 'local' (and it's a pretty special local) Glazebrook House. The Executive Chef is Anton Piotrowski (he won Masterchef professionals in 2012). My husband and I had a rare day off together, both kids were at school/nursery and we had a gorgeous walk up on Dartmoor and stopped off on our way back. It ...

Slow-cooker sweet potato and red lentil curry

I'm just back from a week away in Italy and I have overdosed on pasta and pizza for the moment, I came back really fancying a curry, and as I haven't had the chance to get to the shops yet it had to be made from the things in my cupboards. I love that sweet potatoes last so long- I always have them in the cupboard as they are such a useful ingredient! This curry is lovely on its own- the lentils take away a little of the richness of the sweet potatoes so that you can enjoy this without rice ...

Skinny chicken tikka masala

Chicken tikka masala is one of my all time favourite meals- I know it's not a proper curry, but there's a reason that it's become one of Britain's best loved dishes! One of my healthy eating aims has been to find a way to make a really tasty chicken tikka masala that is also completely guilt-free. I've done this version in the slow-cooker before which I was really pleased with, but I think this one's my best yet! It was suggested to me a while ago on my Facebook page that I try ...

Chicken, green lentil and spinach curry

Last week was half term, and my husband was out of action all week with flu so I just haven't had a moment to menu plan, let alone do a proper shop! I grabbed a bag of spinach in Tesco Metro the other day and had just defrosted a pack of chicken thighs so fancied trying something new- I also keep meaning to try more lentil based curries as they are so great to reheat for quick lunches! I thought this came out really nicely- I served mine with cauliflower rice and a little brown rice for ...

Slimline Chicken Korma

I love a creamy, buttery curry, but I do accept that these are only things that can be eaten very occasionally if you are on a weight-loss journey. You can still enjoy your favourite curries, you just need to make a few simple changes- and they still taste great! This Slimming World friendly chicken korma is an easy recipe and to me it still really feels like a treat, although it is only 1.5 syns per portion! I have used coconut powder in this because it gives that lovely coconut milk ...

Skinny Chicken Balti

This recipe is from Jamie Oliver (Click here for his version) but I have adjusted it slightly to remove oil and unecessary fat.  

Turkey curry

Turkey curry isn't a tradition in my family, but Bridget Jones' Diary made me want to introduce it! Luckily it's a very easy thing to make syn-free as turkey is naturally lean, spices are syn-free and you can squeeze n lots of speed vegetables. I made my own curry spice mx which is so simple, and you can make it in bulk so it's ready whenever you want to make a quick and easy curry!  

Firecracker prawn curry

I adapted this recipe for Slimming World from the Phaidon India book which is the bible of curries (See it here). This prawn curry is just delicious- I like them hot (and this one is not for the faint-hearted but it's so satisfying to eat) and just has a perfect balance of flavours. This is perfect served with my spinach and carrot pilau rice - click here  

Spinach and carrot pilau rice

This really does make your rice extra special and brings it to life alongside your curry.  

Leon’s (not too) spicy chicken cous cous

This cookbook is one of my all time favourites:    I have got lots of firm favourites from it. I urge you to try this (not too) spicy chicken cous cous, as it is seriously delicious! I have really reduced the amount of oil and butter in this to make it work for Slimming World, but it's still completely yummy! I think one of the reasons I love this so much is that it was the first proper meal I ate after the birth of my first daughter and I was starving, and sleep-de...