day : 09/12/2017 2 results

Best ever cranberry sauce

I would never buy a jar of cranberry sauce from the supermarket as it's so, so easy to make! It only take 5 minutes to prep and 20 minutes to cook! Slimming World- this is the Christmas version, when I would make it with sugar- so therefore the syns are quite high- I'm having a go at one made with sweetener soon and will do a taste comparison and share the recipe if it's good!  

A lot of luxury at Iceland this Christmas

 Last weekend I was invited up to Iceland's test kitchen to try out some of the luxury foods on offer this Christmas. It was a thoroughly festive day- not only did we have demonstrations from Iceland's head chef Neil Nugent on how to cook our Christmas turkey (including a fantastic smoking and salt-baking method), but we were able to sample mince-pie cocktails, have a go at some food graffiti and to pick up some tips on styling our Christmas tables! This was a fantastic chance for ...