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Jerk chicken sandwich with chips

This is one of my favourite lazy dinners, usually if I am at home on my own and don't feel like cooking. It feels like a treat but doesn't take much effort at all (especially if you have some leftover Slimming World chips that you can just reheat!) One of the secrets here is the Franks red hot buffalo sauce, it's great if you love HOT food, and only has 1 syn per 3 tablespoons!  

‘Ferrero Rocher’

I have very little willpower when it comes to sweet snacks, and that's why these little truffles are a brilliant thing for me to have on hand. They are so simple to make, and they really do taste like Ferrero Rocher! Satisfyingly crunchy, and quick enough to whip up that you can stop yourself from making a less healthy choice in no time! This recipes has been making the rounds in Slimming World circles for years- I don't know who to credit with the original idea because there are so ...

Banana cake

This is a great low-syn treat that is satisfying enough to stop you reaching for the biscuits when you reach a snacky moment! Using Scan Bran and Weetabix, you cut out the flour, keeping it low syn. The mincemeat used is the same that you would use in your mince pies at Christmas, it isn't always easy to find out of the festive season but some of the supermarkets do it all year round.  

Beef dhansak

I tend to go for chicken curries, but this one is a nice change, and has a lovely thick sauce.  


I've never really liked coffee or alcohol based desserts, but tiramisu has always been the exception, something about the consistency of the sponge fingers with the creamy, chocolately topping is just so good! This version uses quark instead of cream, and as sponge fingers are pretty low syn you can create a really lovely dessert for just 5.5 syns!  

Oxo roast potatoes

I kept seeing this recipe pop up in the various Slimming World Facebook pages that I follow, where everyone was raving about it! It's a bit of a change to just spraying the potatoes with Frylight, and makes for a lovely moist inside and crispy outside.