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Pip's favourite spaghetti bolognese recipe

  I have posted a lot of bolognese recipes since I started this blog- but I love experimenting to find that magical formula for a really good brew! This is the recipe that I think gives the best all round results every time- it's certainly not a traditional Italian recipe, but I think that the little twists really work to create a rich and tasty ...

Oxo roast potatoes

This simple method makes very tasty roast potatoes, moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. A beef stock cube is perfect alongside roast beef, or you can do it with a chicken stock cube!

BBQ apple pulled pork

I was given a lovely gift last week- a huge bag of windfall apples! My youngest daughter is not a fruit eater, but she loves stewed apple, and the whole family (apart from me!) love spiced apple cake, so we already have lots of uses for them, but I also remembered that last year I had a go at making a bbq pulled pork that incorporated apple into the ...
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 I was first introduced to Pink'n'Whites when I joined Slimming World. My friend Emma said I must buy some, as they make a brilliant low-syn snack, and are great to beat a sweet craving. I bought my first packet in the pound shop, and they were such a saviour to me and my sweet tooth! What are Pink'n'Whites? Pink'n' Whites are made of 2 crunchy ...

Frylight- a healthy choice for all cooks

Recently I was invited along to a cookery day in London, hosted by Frylight. We were going to be cooking alongside John from Food52, with the lovely and knowledgeable Frylight expert and consultant nutritionist Helen Bond talking through what we were cooking, and enlightening us on some of the truths and myths about fats in our diets! I've been a ...

Iceland Slimming World curry buffet for Curry Week!

I love a curry buffet, I always find it so hard to commit to one type of curry (because I want them all!), so I love being able to pile up my plate with lots of different varieties. Doing a homemade curry buffet, however, is a labour of love because each individual dish is like making a meal in itself, and unfortunately it's just not something that I have ...

Warm cookie s'mores with Maryland Thins

I've always loved Maryland cookies- the generous chocolate chip to cookie ratio, and the excellent value for money meant they always used to be my cookie of choice! These days, while I'm on my weight-loss journey, I try not to have cookies in the house, as I am not good with willpower, and sweet snacks are my main downfall! I was therefore excited to ...