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Carrot and coriander soup

Carrot and coriander soup has always been one of my favourites- it's a fuss-free and easy soup to make, it's suitable for the whole family (my fussy children will eat it!), and it's also a great cheap soup to make in bulk. Carrots are one of the cheapest vegetables to buy from the supermarket and with just a few little additions make a delicious, rich ...

Roasted ratatouille soup

If you've tried my Easy roasted ratatouille recipe then this may seem familiar. I love making a big batch of ratatouille because it's such a versatile dish- I serve it as a side to lots of different meals, on its own with freshly baked bread and pureed as a pasta sauce! It also makes a fabulous soup- the rich flavours from the roasted vegetables work ...

Slow-cooker honey garlic chicken

It just takes 5 minutes to put together the sauce for this easy and delicious honey garlic chicken, a simple combination of ingredients, slow-cooked with chicken breasts which are shredded into sauce at the end of cooking. Perfect served with egg-fried rice, stir-fried vegetables and smothered in spicy sriracha.  
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Refreshing passion fruit ice-lollies with Arla organic, free-range milk

My family gets through a lot of milk, even when I buy as much as the fridge can hold in my weekly shop, I still end up topping up at least twice a week! I still get whole milk for the girls, even though they are well past their toddler years, as they love the creamy taste. For me, it’s semi-skimmed, although I love a big glass of creamy whole milk! ...

Low-calorie strawberry ice-cream recipe with a surprise ingredient!

Now we have finally moved into summer, it's such a treat to have ice-cream in the freezer, but as much as I love ice-cream, it's something that I rarely indulge in while I am trying to be mindful of what I eat, as it's full of sugar and fat. I haven't ever had a go at making a healthy alternative, and I love the idea of having a guilt-free ice-cream ...

Eating out in Devon: the hidden gems

I love Devon, and I'm so glad that we moved our family back here 5 years ago, just before my 2nd daughter was born. I wanted my girls to have the same childhood experiences that I did, summers spent on the beach, swimming in the sea, and surrounded by beautiful countryside. I had lived in London since leaving university, and as much as I loved it, it's not ...

Celebrating 'Feaster' with Iceland

A friend said to me a while ago, 'but do you really like Iceland, or do you just have to say you do', and I had to assure her that yes, I really do love Iceland, and finding out about their new products and innovations. Not only do they work so hard to constantly come up with new and exciting products, but they are paving the way for other supermarkets by ...